Case Results and Media

For specific information about these and many other cases, such as complete case name, cause number, county of litigation, co-counsel, assigned judge, pleadings and motions, etc., please contact the Law Office of Betsy Rodriguez, P.S. at (253) 566-0127.  In rare instances where a confidentiality agreement is in place, limited or general information might still be legally available.

Year Case Award Cause of Injury
2020 Ortiz $1,000,000.00 Fall from rolling scaffold
2019 Perez $1,700,000.00 Fall from roof
2018 Bautista $650,000.00 Fall from scaffold
2017 Vasquez $580,000.00 Fall from ladder
2016 Zuniga $225,000.00 Fall from ladder
2015 Cuellar $760,000.00 Fraud
2014 Confidential $850,000.00 Medical Malpractice
2013 ARG $2,000,000.00 Bad Faith
2013 Calvillo $225,000.00 Fall from ladder
2012 Cristobal $500,000.00 Fall from roof ladder
2012 Guerrero $700,000.00 Fall through hole
2012 Zuniga $500,000.00 Fall from scaffold
2012 Ceja $212,000.00 Fall from stairwell
2011 Martinez $550,000.00 Fall from rolling scaffold
2010 Angulo $491,000.00 Fall into hole
2010 Bauducco $8,775,000.00 Death of parents in MVA
2010 Vasquez $1,200,000.00 Fall from ladder
2009 Beltran $225,000.00 Fall from framing
2009 Solorzano $290,000.00 Fall from trusses
2009 Romero $1,900,000.00 Fall from wall
2008 Chama $290,000.00 Hand crush by forklift
2007 Ocampo $3,775,000.00 Death of construction worker
2006 Soto $375,000.00 Fall from ladder
2006 Sosa $875,000.00 Arm amputation separate from wage claim
2005 Pedraza $300,000.00 Fall from trusses
2005 Moraila $625,000.00 Severe burn to arm
2004 Camacho $900,000.00 Fall from roof
2003 Lopez $400,000.00 Leg crush by Forklift


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